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    ng ended.▓If you wish us to be friends you will ne▓ver refer to th

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    is subject ag●ain’ smiling a little tremulously, for in the s●ame bre

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    ath Justine came sailing down upon them,● smiling warmly, radiantly.(

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It● is quite possible to love th▓ose whom you most wound.) She▓ passed, turning in the candlelight of the ▓room like some great sea-bird, ▓and came at last to where I was standing. 癞I cannot come tonight’ she whispered.‘Nessi●m wants me to stay at home.’ I can feel stil▓l the uncomprehending weight of▓ my disa

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that not ten minutes before she had said ●to Nessim, knowing he hated bridge: ‘Darlin●g, can I go and play bridge with the Cervo●nis — do you need the car’ It must have bee▓n one of those rare evenings w●hen Pursewarden consented to ●meet her out in the desert — meeti▓ngs to which she went unerringly, like a ▓s


leep-walker.Why Why Balthazar at this m▓oment is saying: ‘Your father said: ●“I cannot bear to watch it, and I do not k●now what to do.It is like watching ●a small child skipping near a powerful piec●e of unprotected machin


ery.” ’ Tears ▓came into Clea’s eyes and slowly vanished▓ again as she sipped her drink.●‘It is over’ she said, turni●ng her back upon the subject and upon Balthaz▓ar in one and the same motion.Sh●e turned her sulle


n mouth now to th●e discussion of meaningless matters ●with Count Banubula, who bowed ▓and swung as gallantly as Scobie’s green p●arrot ducking on its perch.S●he was pleased to see that her be●auty had a direct, clearly dis


●cernible effect upon him, like a shower of golde●n arrows.Presently, Justine herself pass●ed again, and in passing caught Clea●’s wrist.‘How is it’ said Clea, in ▓the manner of one who asks after a● sick child.Justine ga

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ve the● shadow of a grimace and whispered drama●tically: ‘Oh, Clea — it is very● bad.What a terrible mistake.Nessim i●s wonderful — I should never● have done it.I am followed everywher●e.’ They stared at each other sympa

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theti▓cally for a long moment.It was thei●r first encounter for some time.(▓That afternoon, Pursewarden ha▓d written : ‘A few hasty an●d not entirely unloving words from my sickb●ed about this evening.’ He was not in ▓bed

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but sitting at a café on the● sea-front, smiling as he wrote.) Messages s▓poken and unspoken, crossing and in●terlacing, carrying the current▓s of our lives, the fears, dissimulations●, the griefs.Justine was speaking▓ now about her marriage which s▓till exhibited to the outer world a clearness▓ of shape and cont

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ext — the plaster ▓cast of a perfection which I myself had envi●ed when first I met them both.‘The m▓arriage of true minds’ I thought; ●but where is the ‘magnificent two-headed▓ animal’ to be found When she f▓irst became aware of the terrib▓le jealousy of Nessim, the jealous●y of the spiritually impotent man,

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she ●had been appalled and terrified.She had fallen● by mistake into a trap.(All this, like the ▓fever-chart of a striken patient, Clea watche▓d, purely out of friendship, with no desi●re to renew the love she felt for this di●spersed unself-comprehending Jewess.) Justine p▓ut the matter to herself another w●ay, a

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much more primitive way, by thinki●ng: up to now she had always judge▓d her men by their smell.This was the ●first time ever that she had neglected to consul▓t the sense.And Nessim had the odo▓urless purity of the desert airs, the desert i▓n summer, unconfiding and dry.Pure.▓ How she hated purity! Afterwards Yes, sh

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e ▓was revolted by the little gold● cross which nestled in the hai●r on his chest.He was a Copt — a Christian.T▓his is the way women work in the pr●ivacy of their own minds.Ye▓t out of shame at such thoughts she became dou▓bly passionate and attentive to he●r husband, though even betwee●n kisses, in the depths of

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her mind, she l▓onged only for the calm and peace of wido▓whood! Am I imagining this I d▓o not think so.How had all this c▓ome about To understand it is nece●ssary to work backwards, thr▓ough the great Interlinear which Balthazar has ●constructed around my manuscript, toward▓s that point in time where the portra▓it w

Naruto Uzumaki

ried about an illi

hich Clea was painting was interrupte●d by a kiss.It is strange to ▓look at it now, the portrait, standing unfinishe●d on the old-fashioned mantelpiece of the▓ island

Sasuke Uchiha

p●ressing upo

house.‘An idea had just come into h▓er mind, but had not yet reached the lip▓s.’ And then, softly, her lips fell whe▓re the painter’s wet brush should have● falle

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andria● does

n.Kisses and brush-strokes — I sh●ould be writing of poor Melissa! How distastef●ul all this subject-matter is — wh▓at Pursewarden has called ‘▓the insipid kiss of

Shikamaru Nara

ndal: who care

familiars’; and how ●innocent! The black gloves sh▓e wore in the portrait left a small open sp▓ace when they were buttoned up ●— the shape of a heart.And that innoce

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n▓t, ridiculous kiss only spoke admiration and● pity for the things Justine was telling her ab●out the loss of her child — the ●daughter which had been stolen f▓rom her while it was playing on th●e riverbank.‘Her wrists, h●er small wrists.If you could ●have seen how beautiful and tame she▓ was, a squirrel.’

September 2, 2014

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In the hoar▓seness of the tone, in the sad ▓eyes and the down-pointed mouth with a comma in ▓each cheek.And holding out a hand with finger● and thumb joined to describe the circu●it of those small wrists.Clea took and kisse▓d the heart in the black glo?/p>

August 29, 2014

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坴e.She was really kissing the child, the mo▓ther.Out of this terrible sympathy he●r innocence projected the consuming sh▓ape of a sterile love.But I am goi▓ng too fast.Moreover, how a●m I to make comprehensible sc▓enes which I myself see only with such difficul

August 28, 2014

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t▓y — these two women, the blonde a▓nd the bronze in a darkening stu▓dio at Saint Saba, among the rags and the▓ paintpots and the warm gallery of port●raits which lined the walls, Ba●lthazar, Da Capo, even Nessim himself▓, Clea’s dearest friend It is hard to c●ompose

August 27, 2014

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus

them in a stable colour so that th▓e outlines are not blurred.Justi●ne at this time … coming fr▓om nowhere, she had performed one trick reg▓arded as clever by the provincials of Alexand●ria.She had married Arnauti,● a foreigner, only to earn the co●ntempt of society by letting him in ▓the end divorce and a

August 25, 2014

Rerum dignissimos alias eligendi laudantium quod.

bandon her.Of th▓e fate of the child, few people knew or▓ cared.She was not ‘in society’ as th●e saying goes….For a time poverty force▓d her to do a little modelling at so many piastr▓es an hour for the art-students of the ●Atelier.Clea, who knew her only b●y hearsay, passe

August 23, 2014

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus

d through the long▓ gallery one day when she was posing and●, struck by the dark Alexandrian beauty of h▓er face, engaged her for a portrait.▓ That was how those long conversat●ions grew up in the silences of the p▓ainter; for Clea liked her subje▓cts to talk freely, pro

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vided ▓they stayed still.It gave a submarine life to ▓their features, and filled thei▓r looks with unconscious interpr●etations of thought — the true beauty● in otherwise dead flesh.Clea’s genero▓us innocence — it needed something like● that to see the emptiness in which Jus●tine lived with her particular sorrow

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